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To all our Monaco children, mums and dads, we hope your summer holidays were excellent and we wish you a great start to the new school year! 

We want to start some practical lifehacks for the beginning of the school year:

Head lice at your children school.

Yes, you have read correctly! 🙂

Especially for the parents coming to Monaco from the Northern countries. This will sound strange to you but…

In EVERY school of the Principality your child can pick up a head lice and not only at school/kindergarten/nursery, but at some after school activities as well.

Usually, the school institutions don’t provide the parents with any basic information on this topic prior to the start of the school year. Instead, one or two month after classes begin, you may get a “lice note” which says something to the tune of: “Please, check the head of your child! We have lice in your class”. Some parents at the beginning may not understand the word “poux” but will learn this French word pretty fast. 🙂

Please, note that at the moment there are no common lice policies in the Monaco school system.

So, what can you do in order not to pick them up?

First, don’t wait until your child’s school announces a lice breakout. Purchase a preventative shampoo in the nearest pharmacy and use it once or twice a week. Also, you may buy a prevention spray. Check the label and select the shampoo or spray with the most natural ingredients. Usually these types of sprays are very oily, so check before purchase if it makes your child’s head oily or not.

Note that the head lice are disturbed by a natural lavender oil smell. So you might ponder trying the Cotè d’Azur grandma’s recipe – after purchasing a small bottle of natural lavender oil in the local pharmacy, put a few drops on the head ½ cm close to the skin or directly on the skin at the head lice typically affected areas: near the nape of the neck and behind the ears of your child. Doing this every morning before going to school will ideally keep the lice at bay, especially if you are a working mum and you leave your child at school for the afternoon nap.

Wash and brush your child’s hair frequently, explain to them why they should not share their hats and bonnets with their friends.

If you find yourself in a situation where your child already has lice:

First, don’t scratch your head and don’t panic! 🙂

Wash all the bed sheets at high temperature or pass them with a steam cleaner.

Purchase a lice treatment for your child at the local pharmacy and a special electric brush that kills the lice immediately. You may need a combined treatment together. Please, contact your pediatrician for the guidelines.

You should ask the school to change your child’s bed sheets and to do a steam cleaning in the play area. The school may consider the missing days for a child treatment as a disease day and educate/inform parents in the beginning of the year. The school may also conduct a lice check of the students on a periodic basis.

Please feel free to share your lice stories with us so we can pass them on to all Monaco Mums! But please, don’t share the “poux”.


Gros bisous à Vous toutes et à tous! *

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