The days go by… Eataly :)

Did you know that living in a fairy tale place like Monaco has a lot of advantages that other places do not? Sure you did ! And if you think, you also have the advantage of living in 3 countries at the same time : Monaco, France and Italy. Italy ? Mmm… Let’s call it « Eataly ».

Besides the incredible biodiversity of Monaco as an international community you can enjoy the national cuisine and full immersion day experience of close by Italy and of certainly, France.

Italia… So much in this name… So, what you can find driving about 10 km from the Monaco border ? The first Italian coastal village is Latte, then comes the broadly famous Ventimiglia.

Ventimiglia is known to the local inhabitants of Monaco by its fresh food and clothes markets, located right in the center and not far from the sea side area.

The biggest and busiest market days are on Fridays and you can find all sorts of great bio food and neat clothing !

Monacomums thinks that the best places to visit with your family during the weekends for a walk, Sunday lunch or Saturday shopping are the more cozy and familiar Bordighera or San Remo. These two locations are considered much more bon ton then Ventimiglia , are more secure for you and have children’s clothes shops and nice seaside walks with family owned restaurants.



Going to the beach by car from Monaco to San Remo or Bordighera can permit you to have a true feeling of going on a vacation. Your Italian day vacation. The prices are lower than in Monaco and for the same price we think that the quality is higher. « Made in Italy ».

We speak of ice creams, lunches and dinners, some shopping for children and great service. Having less tourists these places offers sometimes better service than what you find in the French Riviera.



By the way, the beach facilities offer good service for children and their parents, such as for example small baby swimming pools with still water on the beach, showers with warm water and pizzas/pastas/panini/gelatos. Moreover in Bordighera and San Remo, the facilities have more space than what we are used to in MC. The absence of the loud music, drunk russian tourists with the border-line last-day-in-MC parties is guranteed !

Italy as a country has a great culture of love and tolerance for children. One of the Bordighera’s children’s park is located right on the beach at lungo mare Argentina.

As for children’s beaches we suggest the very friendly « Spiaggia Sant Ampelio » .



But what about the food ? If you go to Bordighera, in general, it is better to eat in the old town and not by the seaside. You need to search for the « Citta Vecchia » or « Bordighera Alta ». There you may find plenty of cosy restaurants, like for example « La Cicala ».

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Otherwise, you may have an « aperitivo » in the caffes @ Corso Italia, after you finish a good days shopping for you and your baby.

There are two « made in Italy » brands children’s wear boutiques located at the beginning of Corso Italia and one Italian ice cream shop. One part of the street is closed for traffic, so the children can be safe. At pizzeria « Pappa e Ciccia » near the market square of Bordighera you can find good and light pizza for your kids. And… everywhere you drink the coffee- it should be excellent !


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