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A piece of paradise

There are many possible Easter break courses for your children here in the area if you have decided to pass your holidays in Monaco.

But we want to attract your attention to a very particular one…

Tennis Soleil


Do you love being healthy and passing your time well?

In this case we have an excellent formula created especially for you and your children: Tennis Soleil.

Recently we have interviewed the CEO of the Tennis Soleil Mr. Christian Collange.

Director of Tennis sports of all area of the Alpes Maritime, a professional player of the Davis Cup for Monaco Principality in the past and the experienced coach in the present Mr. Collange was very explanatory to all the activities the club offers to the children :


Mr. Collange, could you please tell us your Sport club philosophy ?

Christian Collange:


My philosophy is to do something for the family and speaking about a family I mean not only for the children, but also for mums and dads.

Now during all the holidays we make a special full immersion stages for several multi activity sports, not only for tennis.

The age of the children is between 4 and 16 years.

All our professors are experienced and have the necessary diplomas and certificates.

Here we play many sports: tennis, padel, football, handball, general outdoor and indoor fitness, ping pong, basket, volleyball. And, we make all the activities professionally.

When the children come here to play sports a mum can have her training at the same time with another coach, do training on her own or with her friends.

We have a very experienced fitness trainer Diego.


Moreover, we make all the things that a mum could expect for her children: weekly training, weekend training, wednesday training, groups, stages, summer holidays and even birthday parties !




Mr. Collange, could you please tell us the formulas you have to help the mums that are working? How can they manage the school holidays?


Christian Collange:

At the school holidays of your children a mum can continue working.

She can bring a child here at 8-8:30 and pick up at 17:30 (or can have an opportunity to pick a child up even at 20:30) We understand parents.

We have a restaurant, a true restaurant, so not only the sandwiches.

The children have their lunch and an afternoon snack here. During the holidays we are open to the children all the week from Mondays to Fridays.

We have different age groups : 4-6, 6-8 and 8-10 and after 10 years.

If a mum have two or more children of different age, she can bring them here together. We don’t make the time division like some schools have : the younger at the 9 o’clock in the morning and so on. A mum is free to choose the schedule she wants. The morning, the afternoon or the whole day.


We make groups by age and level. Two children of 10 years old can not be on the same level. We think the services for the family, and it’s normal.

During the summer we have a summer camp. And many people are coming to play here from a very different area, because they know that we are professional. We know what we do.

We have created a tennis academy with my friend Diego Nargiso ( Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open, Davis Cup and Olympic Games 92’ professional tennis player , editor’s note.)

I have worked here for 7 years. 7 years ago here was nothing and I wanted to do something interesting. We have space here. There are no cars and the air is so clean and fresh. It is a true philosophy of sports. It is a green place.

The camps are lightened. We don’t have here only tennis, it is a multi sports activity place. For example: for the summer holidays there are formulas for children: only tennis, only football or a mixed one.

For the very small ones of 4 years we have special equipment. We call it « baby tennis »: we have special balls, rackets and trainers.




Mr. Collange can you explain us what is а Padel tennis ?


Christian Collange:

“Padel” is a Spanish word. The are 4 millions of people that play Padel. It is fantastic! The Padel is a new racket sport. It is very easy to play for a family and for the children. The paddle camp is only a half of the tennis one.



Mr. Collange, how important is the healthy nutrition for the children ?


Christian Collange:

The healthy nutrition for the children is extremely important. And not only for the children that play sports, but for all of them. When we make stages we try to offer them something that is good to eat for sport and for themselves too.



Mr. Collange, thank you for your interview ! It was a pleasure to discover so many opportunities for the children!


tennis sol



Tennis Club de Beausoleil
Le Devens – Stade André Vanco
Avenue des Anciens Combattants d’AFN
06240 Beausoleil
Tél :
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Email : info@tennissoleil.fr
Christian COLLANGE (BE2)





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