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Well, this question worries the main part of the mums.

Being in Monaco surely offers you several problems:

The biggest famous ski resorts are far.

You are not confident about where to ski with your children.

You are not confident about the prices and “right” local ski places where you can go for a weekend, without going 300km or more by car.

Here you may go to ski with kids to Auron or Valberg, as well as Limone Piemonte. If you are Italian or you have some Italian friends, you may prefer to ski in Limone. While being French will bring you to the French resorts such as Auron, Valberg and Isola 2000. Many people may say that in order to get to Auron you may need just 45 minutes or an hour, well that may not be so true, especially if you check the google map ☺ distance. With some traffic you will need 1.5 hours, that is much closer to reality. The road is not a highway, but is pretty good until you will not start to rise.

Auron has the better road to get to the resort. Limone Piemonte road may look like a road of the Lord of the Rings and you may feel yourself Frodo Beggings. Be prepared to meet a very possible traffic jam on the border, from both sides of the tunnel. Sometimes the road to Limone could be closed due to the snow slips or avalanches.

The less steep places to ski with your kids are Valberg and the right part of Auron.

If the kids are less advanced skiers, try to go during the weekdays, so there will be much fewer people, so it will be much more secure to ski with them.

Another interesting option is represented by Val d’Allos. You have to count about two and a half our by car from Monaco. Val d’Allos is the farest from Monaco resort of the region, but in the same time the biggest and is also the most extended French Ski resort. Val d’Allos is divided in two main areas, Val d’Allos and Val d’Allos – La Foux which is connected to Praloup.

The access road is confortable to drive.

So, to ski or not to ski? That is the question. Let’s say the question is where to ski ☺ and to have all-family fun together!




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