Rainy days in Monaco: What to do in MC with a child if rains?

DSC_1493I’ve heard a lot of Monaco Mums complaining about the lack of things to do in Monaco with their children on rainy days. Options seem limited to watching cartoons in French on channels like Gulli or Piwi+, entertaining your children with their iPads and tablets, or playing films over and over. Getting into this sort of routine can be rough and even cause Mums to fall into depression! Check out the following possible solutions to help combat the rainy day blues with your kids…

Take a trip to the Metropole shopping mall, do some shopping and have a healthy or not so healthy snack with the kids. Invite other Mums as well so you can meet up!

Go to Fun House in Les Jardins d’Appoline or the Stars & Bars play zone so your kids can expend some energy!

Catch a movie at the Cinema Sporting Monaco  the children’s show usually starts around 16:00-16:30, more frequently you’ll be lucky on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

A very educational place to go with the children on a rainy day is the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. You can bring your very little ones in their strollers and toddlers as well to see the sleeping sharks, moray eels, majestic giant guitarfish etc., and meet the fishes of the tropical seas. The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco presents more than 6000 species in their faithfully reconstructed natural habitat! It is a great sea life experience. The museum organises different workshops and you may check the information about them on their web site:


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