mail order Divalproex travelFlying kids or the some useful flight tips

buy finasteride 1mg online If you prefer a calm and sleeping children, it will best to choose the night fly, especially if you are flying transatlantic.
You may also check the classification of 5 star and 4 star airlines at by skytrax, in order to be more comfortable flying with your little ones.
But what to do if you can’t select the night fly?
The flying baby/child experience will be different according to the age of the children.
The very small, under 1 year, will be the hardest, as you need the stroller, special food, milk, baby change, etc. Our advice is to buy some brand new toys that your baby has never seen before and to give them to him/her just after boarding.
If the baby is small the quantity of your hand luggage will increase in a exponential progression, so, looking on fashionable young girls around won’t help you fly happy and calm ☺. You are a young girl too, but one incredibly important asset, a stokke stoller for you is much better then a new Hermes travel bag ☺
Try to relax: relaxed mum= like one company says « there no better way to fly ». ☺ Try to protect the baby’s ears, take pacifiers and make them drink or suck on something.
Take extra supplies and baby food in case of delay or bad weather conditions. You may also look for some play facilities in advance that many international airports provide now.
For the older children aged 2-3-4, one of the best solutions is, for sure, an Ipad, Ipad mini or Iphone with new downloaded games and applications. (check our article here) DON’T forget them at home, this might be the worst mistake you can do ☺
Also you can take a travel baby pillow with you and something warm and soft to wear, maybe a very small baby pile plaid that will make your child much warmer than the aircraft ones. Even if you fly in summer or from and to Dubai, the temperature and the air conditioning on board can be not so suitable for the little ones. Don’t forget, of course to take your favourite toy to share the first flying experience together☺ and don’t forget to buy a ticket for your baby.
Monaco Mums knows that Ethiad company has declared to have a fly nanny service, our redaction have not tried it yet.

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