Monaco baby parks

DSC_1441Boulevard de Moulins

The park is located after the place des Moulins.
A small, cute place you and your children can meet many small friends! Sometimes you can speak with babysitters who may be looking for new positions.
Opening hours:
9:30-18 (November-March) and 19 (April-October)

Larvotto beach

Sea breeze, sand, close by “La Spiaggia” restaurant where a mum can drink a cappuccino or a coffee.
Impossible to miss during any season, and a must go in summer.
Many Monte-Carlo mums adore this place!

Always Open

Parc Princess Antoinette

May be the biggest park for children in Monaco, a place where space is so important. It offers different levels of a nice and shady in summer olive garden. The park has its own farm with rabbits, goats and sheep.
Moreover, your child may find a nice toboggan, seesaws, sand boxes etc., to play on.
The open air bar, “le Kiosque” offers a mum coffee and some fast food options. This park is very comfortable for the mums with baby strollers due to two bathroom services. One located on the upper terrace, and one close to “Le Kiosque”, so you can change your baby.

Opening hours:
Summer 8:30-19:30
Winter 8:30-17:30

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Parc de Fontvielle

A nice, big and newly renovated park close to the heliport of Monaco and the Fontvielle Chapiteau. Parc de Fontvielle is, for sure, a very nice place to go with your children.
There are two play areas divided by the age groups into the younger and older children. The park has a greenery part and the small pond, including its fauna- the ducks, geese and other water birds. But watch out, the birds are used to being fed and frequently ask the small visitors or their mums for some food. This park is close to the Cap d’Ail beach, and represents a good solution as a stop between the sea walk and home for your children.
Close to the park your children will find a carousel and a little bar offering warm and cold drinks and ice cream.
Moreover it represents an excellent place to learn to ride bikes as the space is big and cars are not allowed. Children can continue to bike on the sea dam on the left of the Heliport.
You have direct access to the park from the Parking de l’Heliport

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Japanese Garden

A perfect zen place for the smaller ones if the mum wants to get out of crowd.
You and your child can watch fish, stay in the little wooden houses and listen to the sounds of water flowing.


Cap d’ail (near Tennis baby park)

This one is a small park with a castle to climb in the middle of it. It may be useful if you want to match the beach and the child.

Pointe des Douaniers – “Mala” littoral walk (near the “Le Cabanon” restaurant baby park)

While eating, jogging or smelling the seaside air, there is another park right in the cap, where the “le Cabanon” restaurant is located.
You can get there by foot through the littoral pass way or by car from Cap d’Ail.
Better to walk, as you may not find the parking place. The distance from Plage Marguet is very short indeed and permits your kids to have a nice walk.

Place du Marché

This playard is rather small, but funny during the street market hours in Condamine.

Enjoy playing! ☺




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