How to select your École Maternelle in Monaco


Understanding the Monaco education system can be a bit tricky if you are unfamiliar with French education system and regulations. Here is a bit of information to help you make decisions and stay on track.

Your child needs to be turning 3 years old the year you register him/her for École Maternelle.
If the child is younger than 3 and you need daycare, you can apply for a “Crèche” which is assigned by the Monaco government based on work schedules, availability and residence, or the Halte Garderie at Larvotto Beach. Prices are variable dependent on number of days per week of attendance, monthly salary, etc.
Let’s now discuss the Monaco school system.
Living in Monaco and being an MC resident you have different choices of school systems for your child.
You have the choice to enroll your child in the state nursery school according your Monaco area of residence, or in three other institutions located in MC. In simple words, you have the choice between laic state education, catholic schools, and the International School of Monaco.
We want you to notice that the school education in Monaco is free, and usually the classes must have French as a foreign language included. If the mother does not work officially, you will take your child home from the canteen (lunch).
So the time your 3 year old child is at school will be:
From 8:30 to 11:15
And from 14:00 to 16:00
If the Monaco mum is a working mum, the time your kid is at school will be from 8:30 to 18:30 , canteen (lunch) and a power nap at school included.
Remember, that in Monaco the schools are not open on Wednesday afternoons, so you will need or to either enroll your child in the extracurricular Wednesday activities club at La Turbie (in case you are a working mum) or keep him/her at home or do other activities. If you work, remember to enroll your child to the extracurricular Wednesday activities club at the very beginning of the year, same for the holidays time and the school bus.
You may check the periods of enrollment and download the application form here:

Besides the other things and procedures, in a state school you will need to have a « tablier » – the nursery school uniform. Check about buying it in advance, usually every class have their own color.
The classes of your child will be very mixed ones, as the Monaco Principality is a true international country ☺.DSC_0564DSC_0559

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