How to occupy an active child in Monaco, within your family’s budget?

Are you a practical Monaco resident or a newcomer? We want to share our Monaco mums experience with you ☺.
How to keep occupied and interested a mix of a small pig and a goat in Monaco–can really be a challenge. In this age you may offer some brand new experiences to a child. Always the same park, always the same regime, where mum starts to get very bored and starts thinking about her pre-kid life as a ‘gone with a wind’ past? Not at all! The advantages of having a 2.5 year old one are enormous: he or she walks alone, speaks their first adult phrases, is extremely curious of the world, has a lot of energy and starts to sleep less.

You may go to the Swimming pool together in the St. Charles where mum and children can have a pleasant experience together.

The MAD dance school is located in the same building as the Starbucks, at Jardins d’Appoline. MAD has a course of “Eveil Dance” and “Mummy and Me”, not only for girls, but for little boys too this can be very nice and interesting.


DSC_1514If you wake up early on Saturday, you can visit another nice kid place in MC: Ecole de Gymnastique, where Femina Sport will offer you a good “Eveil Baby Gym” course at 9 and 10 am.
Femina Sport is located in the Monaco Railway Station (Gare de Monaco) and has professional athletics facilities.


Near the MAD dance school, you may see another time-passing place for your kid called “Fun house”. Here, at the modest price of 10 euros, a child may play, jump, swim in the balls use toboggans while his/her mum is taking a coffee and chatting with friends. The location has air conditioning and is a covered area, so this can be a good solution during the rainy weather in MC.


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