Best IPhone and Ipad applications for little ones

foto-2foto-3My Talking Tom, Talking Tom and Ben news for Iphone, Talking Pierre the Parrot, Talking Gine the Giraffe and all other talking personalities repeat all that your child says, plus have other playing options similar to a good old Tamagotchi.foto-15

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My Horse – a very well graphically and acoustically created application, that permits your child to have their own virtual stable, to learn how to clean the horse, to prepare food for it, to ride it, etc. Your child can even participate in virtual competitions.  The cute thing is that this application has all the special sounds included, making the game very realistic.

foto-8Angry Birds, Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Star Wars2 – the leading play interest of many small ones.  A game where you need to throw the angry birds and to hit the pigs. Funny acoustics will help your child during plane and car trips and make you nervous on your business meetings and family dinners.

Puzzles:   there are many applications in the Apple Store helping your child to make puzzles and to develop a first analytical skills. For example123 Kids Paper Puzzle.


Learning Alphabet applications (different languages) or writing letters applications will help your child to learn his/her mother tongue alphabet and start writing. Just search for Alphabet  in your mother tongue in Apple store.

Audio fairy tales- there are different applications in many languages with the audio fairy tales. Some are very well done and they permit you to have a virtual library that is always with you at a very moderate cost (or for free). Example: Baby nursery

There are also many applications for musical painting/ drawing with music.

You may try the free ones Paint  Medoly, Bubl Draw.

There are also several only coloring applications, for example Baby painting HD.

For a good development of the visual memory of the kid you may find and download the different applications.

123 Kids Fun Music – such applications usually have one musical instrument connected to a specific color, the child can try to create an audio-visual wall and try different musical instruments. As many Apple applications do, they are very intuitive, so they will be interesting for children of all ages, from very small ones to their mums.

Baby piano, Baby music lite,  Baby Classic Mozart lite, Baby classical Strauss HD,   Baby classical HD Chopin music – musical applications that will take your kid to the amazing world of classical music.

foto-10foto-11The Nemo’s reef   application will take your kid to the underwater world of the fish Nemo, his father Marlin, Dory and their friends. A calm one, it is suitable for the summer days on the beach with the small ones from 3 years and up.


foto-4foto-5The Toy Story Smash it   application is perfect for the fans of Buzz Lightyear and Woody. As usual in kid applications, the instructions are very simple, that makes it possible to play from 2 years and up. Just throw the ball and hit the aliens working for the evil imperator Zurg.foto-7

The  Monster University  application:  here you are playing as Mike Wasowski and need to capture the run away kind of a monster pig. The Cars 2  application permits your child to ride Maitre and to help him to pass all the levels of the game. You may download all these application for free and then if you like, to upgrade them to the full versions.


The  Talking Princess  application is very similar to what we have mentioned before about the different talking personalities.

Princess coloring book can be a nice coloring girly solution on a trip same as Princess hair salon – the first styling and make up application for the little trendsetters.

Pizza maker kids ,  ice cream kids ,   cole de cuisine de sara ,  baby chef: chocolate bread cake are all very cute cooking application, where your child needs to turn with a finger the pastry, add eggs, flour and so on.

The latest Disney mobile Frozen Double Trouble game will be fun for all children!


Hope you will enjoy playing!

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